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Instructions for adding new users

1) Log in to phpMyAdmin using the MySQL username and password.
2) Choose the database plasmidb2_development (or whichever is being used).
3) Choose the table 'auth_user' on the left hand panel of the web page (figure1.png).
4) Add a new user, with desired username and password (figure2.png)
  • Select function 'MD5' for the field 'password_md5'
  • This will encrypt the password in the database.
  • Press 'Go'
    5) Browing the 'auth_user' table now shows that it and its password have been inserted into the DB, and the password has indeed been encrypted with the MD5 algorithm (figure3.png).
    6) Logging into the plasmid database with the username 'test' and password 'test' should now be possible.