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API Documentation is available for:

BioPHP The sequence manipulation classes.
Phli The framework on which plasmidb is based.
Html Small HTML classes to help displaying URL link tags
Plasmi::db Itself.

Would you like to participate in the development of Plasmi::db?

Can you write PHP? Are you interested in bio-informatics? Do you just have too many clones/plasmids/DNAs lying around that you need to calculate something for?
Are you interested in developing a "Bio::PHP"?
Do you have any interest in SQL?
Why not have a look at the code in the CVS repository, or alternatively use the CVS pserver to download and edit the code.

A PHP plugin for Eclipse is available here


"Raising the bar"

I've been looking for a better framework for Plasmid::db for a while, not to mention a better programming language than PHP. My favourite option is to migrate to "Ruby on Rails".
The version I'm working on is also in a CVS repository